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Book Chapters

Falconer, H.F. (Forthcoming). Mentored writing at a Hispanic-serving institution: Improving student facility with scientific discourse, in Baca, I., Hinojosa, Y.I., & Murphy, S.W., Bordered Writers: Latinx Identities and Literacy Practices at Hispanic Serving Institutions, State University of New York Press.

Editorial Introductions

Cushman, E., Juzwick, M.M., Falconer, H.F., & Dunn, M.B, (2017). Teaching and learning language, Research in the Teaching of English, 51(4)

Falconer, H.F., Cushman, E., Juzwick, M.M., & Dunn, M.B, (2017). Writing and its development across lifespans and in transnational contexts, Research in the Teaching of English, 51(3): 261-266.

Book Reviews

Falconer, H.F. (2017). A review of Barbara E. Walvoord’s Assessing and Improving Student Writing in College: A Guide for Institutions, General Educations, Departments, and Classrooms, Journal of Writing Assessment Reading List.

Falconer, H.F. (2007). Nature’s edge: Boundary explorations in ecological theory. The Kelvingrove Review (1)

Falconer, H.F. (2006). Balkan beauty, Balkan blood: Lessons from Albania. Fringe Magazine



Mentored writing as a means of facilitating discursive identity development. (Article targeted toward Written Communication)

Extending uptake in practice: The influence of ideology, prior knowledge, and motivation in the discovery of ozone depletion by CFCs (Article targeted toward Journal of Business and Technical Communication)

Preparing disciplinary writing mentors: An examination of the relationship between prior experience and pedagogical approach. (Article targeted toward Journal of Research in Science Teaching)



Panels Organized

Changing Demographics, Changing Rhetorics: Rethinking Genre Instruction in Higher Education. (2016, May). Becoming an insider: Learning the rhetorical moves of the scientific proposal. Paper presented at the Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Papers Presented & Roundtables

Falconer, H.F. (2017, March) Breaking the “code” of science: A culturally sustaining approach to teaching science writing. Paper presented at Conference on College Composition and Communication, Portland, OR.

Falconer, H.F. (2017, March) “Dull duty” and disciplinary issues: A roundtable with NCTE editors. Roundatable at Conference on College Composition and Communication, Portland, OR.

Falconer, H.F. (2015, March) Demystifying meaning-making in first-year writing: The influence of ideology, background knowledge, and motivation on genre selection and use. Paper presented at University of Massachusetts–Boston’s Engaging Practices: A Conference on the Teaching of Composition, Boston, MA.

Falconer, H.F. (2014, February) Addressing student needs in the science classroom. Paper presented at the Hispanic Educational Technology Services Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Falconer, H.F. (2013, March) Creating Hispanic scientists: Increasing minority engagement in the sciences. Paper presented at the HEP Project Director’s Meeting, Department of Education, Washington DC.

Carpi, A., Lents, N.H., and Falconer, H.F. (2012, October) Science education in a complex world: Adapting to student use of online material – The Visionlearning Project. Paper presented at the 18th Annual Sloan Consortium Conference, Online Learning at a Crossroads: Online Education in a Complex World, Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Falconer, H.F. (2007, March) White’s legacy: ‘One Man’s Meat’ and the American nature essay. Paper presented at the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment Conference: Modern Environments: Contemporary Readings in Green Studies, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK.

Panel Member: EVVY Awards, WLP Night (2006, April) Emerson College, Boston, MA. “Navigating the writing and publishing world.”

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