A Rocky Road to Mapping – Neatline and me

We have been talking a lot about mapping, lately, and I have to say I’ve been intrigued. The implications for its use in DH are great — I can see ways of building both new perspectives for looking at content as well as pedagogical tools. And yet, the same problem that arose with TEI has presented itself here: The Neatline interface, while WYSIWYG in many ways, has quirks for which I can’t seem to find work-arounds.

In my head, I can visualize a map of the world where we can trace events relating to ozone depletion and climate change over time. I can see an exhibit where I can watch the changes taking place on a physical level in parallel with changes happening socially and scientifically, and trace the way information has moved from one point to another. I can visualize, possibly, overlaying these instances of uptake from one community to another over a political map to explore how ideology relates to information presentation. In short, I can see how one might create an exhibit that really explores socioeconomic and political influences on information translation with regard to scientific discovery.

But, I can’t build it. At least not yet, and likely not in the near future. If anyone wants to help me…please let me know!

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