Reflections on Co-composing with a Five-Year Old

My son is a reluctant reader. At five years old, I’m not overly concerned about this fact – yet. He sees his father reading and writing regularly, and his mom, well… I am a writing studies scholar, so it’s fair to say that he sees that I am surrounded by words most of my waking time. We read multiple books at bedtime each night, and his “library” takes over a good corner of our living room. But the fact that he eschews learning to put letters and sounds together to form words has not escaped my attention. Continue reading

Personal Commentary: On the 2016 US Presidential Election

Thirteen days after the announcement of the 2016 election results, it’s very clear that the United States has entered into a new paradigm. While racism, sexism, etc. has always been an issue in this country, the prevailing political rhetoric seems to have now normalized open, public discrimination and derogatory speech. As a citizen, this has been disheartening and frightening to watch unfold. As an educator and rhetorician, it’s been fascinating. Continue reading

The Great Equalizer?

581-student_ipad_school-213I’ve spent the better part of the last ten years thinking about literacy – digital literacy, scientific literacy, reading literacy…— and the factors that influence where someone falls on the various spectrums. If there is one theme that each form of literacy has in common, it is the myth of accessibility and I believe it behoves anyone interested in Digital Humanities – Digital anything – to give great thought to the divide between what is real and what is ideal. Continue reading