From Here to TEI and Back Again

I remarked to a colleague recently (rather flippantly, I must admit) that if I had a DH project that I wanted to pursue, I would march down the hall to the Computer Science Department and see if there was a student interested in an internship. I wouldn’t attempt to code the project myself. This isn’t because I have reluctance to code – I am pretty proud of the amount of digital work I’ve already done, and am fairly comfortable with the theory behind how code works. My comments stemmed from the fact that I have learned over the years that there are some things I am good at, and some things I am not. Continue reading

Citizen Science Meets Humanities

Before science became Science, before systematic principles of how one conducts research and the scientific method became part of the ideology of being a scientist, there were common people with curiosities about the natural world and how it works. Often, those curiosities were a direct result of what these average folk were observing in the world. These are the people who, without any formal scientific training, helped build the discipline as we know it today: Francis Bacon, Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Ada Lovelace… Continue reading